2012 Scientific Essay Winners

Technologist Essay Winners

1st Place - Disruptive Innovations in Radiologic Technology
Benjamin Morris - Skaggs Cancer Center

2nd Place - Stereotactic Radiosurgery: A Focused, Single, High-Dose of Knowledge to Treat the Unknown
MacKenzie Heap - Freemen Health System

Student Essay Winners

1st Place - Contrast Induced Nephropathy
Amy Brychta - Hillyard Technical Center

2nd Place - How Low Can You Go? Making Radiation Safety in the Pre-Operative Environment a Priority
Steve Piercey - Cox College

3rd Place - Telemedicine: Conventional Medicine in Unconventional Ways
Abby Tate - Avila University

Honorable Mentions

Colon Cancer and the Importance of Early Screening
Krista Madden - Rolla Technical Center

Cardiac Catheterization: Above All Else, Guard Your Heart, for it is the Wellspring of Life, Proverbs 4:23
Morgan Hammonds - Rolla Technical Center