mosrt.ORG is currently redirecting to mosrt.NET

Due to last minute issues that came up with our previous web host, mosrt.ORG will temporarily point to mosrt.NET.

What does this mean for you as a user of the site?

Absolutely nothing!  The mosrt.NET name is only temporary.  Our goal is get the site back on mosrt.ORG ASAP, but before we do that we have to straighten some things out with our previous web host.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to e-mail webmaster@mosrt.ORG


What's new about the site?


The first thing you may notice is the announcement bar going across the top of the page.  We will use this bar to alert you to changes on the website or as reminders for certain events.

The next most obvious should be the NAVIGATION list just below our logo.  Use these links to navigate around the site.

HOME - Brings you back to the main blog for the MoSRT site.  New information will always be displayed first.

CALENDAR - Takes you to a calendar of events that the MoSRT has scheduled.

BYLAWS - One thing that was requested by several members of the MoSRT was a place to find the bylaws for the society.  Any updates/request for changes to the bylaws will be announced here.

MEMBERSHIP - This is where you will go to find information regarding the MoSRT.  The digital membership form can be found here.  The key difference about the digital form on the new site is that Paypal is not required.  You are now able to enter your credit card information near the bottom of the form and it will instantly send us your payment with your collected information.  As in the past it may take a few days for us to get back with you.  If you have any further questions regarding security for this form please do not hesitate to e-mail the webmaster.

DISTRICTS - Our current districts and information regarding their current activities.

LEGISLATIVE -  All information (past and present) regarding our Legislative push can be found here.

STUDENT INTERN - Information regarding Student Interns will be found here.  Including the application, application process and the student intern's recent activities will be available here.

RADIOGRAPHER - The most recent issue of the Radiographer will be found here.

CONFERENCE - Upcoming conference information can be found here.  IE:  Our current conference (2015) is just about over, so our next conference in 2016 will have its information posted here.

ARCHIVES - Previous versions of The Radiographer and summaries of previous Conferences will be found here.

CONTACT - The contact information for current members of the MoSRT board can be found here.

LINKS - Important links can be found here.

HONORS - Information regarding the different ways the MoSRT honors its members for various reasons can be found here.

IN MEMORIAM - Gone but never forgotten.  The MoSRT will acknowledge important members of the MoSRT community on this page.

WEBMASTER - Updates from the Webmaster will go here as to keep those messages centralized in one location.

SHOP - New to the MoSRT our very own e-shop!  Check here to find MoSRT related items that we have for sale!

Last minute housekeeping.

In preparation for the upcoming launch of the new site I performed some basic housekeeping/maintenance on the site to make sure all of the pages will connect to each other once I "flip the switch" and move the new site under the address.

While doing my housekeeping I discovered the following items did not have links or had pages incorrectly named/labeled.  I corrected them immediately.


  • District 4 - Updated page name.
  • District 5 - Updated page name.
  • District 6 - Updated page name.

Radiographer ARCHIVE

  • February 2006 - Added link.
  • July 2006 - Added link.
  • January 2004 - Added link.
  • May 1996 - Added link.
  • August 1995 - Added link.
  • August 1994 - Added link.
  • July 1993 - Added link.
  • November 1993 - Added link.
  • June 1982 - Added link.

After some discussion the webmaster and webmaster co-chair have decided that the ideal time to make the transition from to would be Friday, April 10th.  This will ensure that any last minute ecommerce orders under Norm's version of the site will be completed and handled by him at the conference.  Once the request has been made to point the name to this website it could take up to 48 hours to travel across the backbone of the internet and update for everyone to see accurately.  During those 48 hours there may be some downtime while the change spreads.

I made entries for LAC updates on the Legislative page and added those events in the calendar.

I have tweaked the formatting of one of the blog entries a little just to show you that the formatting is somewhat flexible.  I am looking for feedback.  Do you like one way over the other?  What would you like to see differently?  Do you like it?  Do you not like it?  I'm all ears.  Let me hear what you have to say!  Type in your comments in the box below and let your opinion be heard!  I promise I won't take it personally!

- Joe

On a side note, all webmaster blog entries and such will be deleted/moved to a separate blog just before the site officially goes live.

President Janet Akers offers a Fall message!

Dear Fellow Technologists,

Fall is here! Cooler temperatures and holiday planning are just around the corner. In the midst of your busy schedules don’t forget to check out all the MoSRT happenings! We will be sending our electronic reminders to renew membership this year as well, so don’t let that renewal date of December 31 slip by! If you have any questions about renewal please feel free to contact a board member for assistance or see the membership renewal page :

We are preparing for the Annual Conference, taking nominations for next year’s officers, and getting applications ready for Student Intern, Students scholarships, Technologist and Student Essay and Exhibits. Deadlines to enter are January 31, 2015! Take advantage of those scholarship opportunities for technologists, you only have to be a MoSRT member, ARRT registered and a technologist for 1 year to apply! We are participating with ASRT again this year in sponsoring 2 student interns to participate in the Student Leadership Academy at ASRT in Albuquerque, NM, so encourage those first year students to get involved! Deadline for intern is November 17, 2015 more information is available at:

I would also like to take this opportunity to express my deepest sympathy to the Cashion, MoSRT and Radiology Family in the loss of a fellow technologist, Henry Cashion. Henry has been a mentor, friend, educator and Life Member to the MoSRT for many, many years. He was a fixture at Annual Conferences and always had a story to tell, or a new friend to talk to. I had the pleasure of being one of his students when he had the Radiology Program at Mineral Area Hospital, then later became a close friend and mentor as I joined the MoSRT Board of Directors. He has made a lasting impression on many and will for years to come. He will remain a part of the MoSRT through the Henry Y. Cashion Student Intern Program and the newly added Henry Y. Cashion Memorial Student Scholarship. His dedication to the Society and Profession of Radiologic Sciences is unmet by any other. Please remember his family during this difficult time. If you would like to donate to the Henry Y. Cashion Memorial Scholarship please visit: and designate the scholarship for funds.

Again, thank you for this opportunity to serve as your President and if you ever have any questions please email me at:

Janet Akers BS, RT (R) (M)

Henry Cashion and MoSRT President Janet Akers at the 2014 Annual Conference