2012 Scientific Display Winners

Technologist Display Winners


1st Place

NyQuil, Sudafed, or Robitussin? Not for this type of Congestion

Kelley McDonald - Vein Clinic of Greater KC


2nd Place 
Social Media

Norman Hente - BarNor Services


3rd Place
Is Cancer Contagious?

Benjamin Morris - Skaggs Cancer Center


Student Display Winners

1st Place 
Contrast Induced Nephropathy?

Amy Brychta Ruhnke - Hillyard Technical Center


2nd Place
Metastatic Breast Cancer

Ami Patrick - Avila University


3rd Place
Be a Trooper: Care for your pooper

Krista Madden - Rolla Technical Center


Honorable Mention
Surviving and Thriving: Wilms Tumor

Dillon Renfro - Rolla Technical Center