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MoSRT District 1 - Conference

MoSRT District 1 Fall Conference October 23-24, 2015 to be held at St Lukes Hospital of Kansas City on the Plaza. 

There is limited seating so registration is in advance only.  No registration accepted at the door.  No registration will be confirmed without cash, check or money order. When people “No Show” it costs us money making these low cost conferences difficult to host!

Deadline for registration is October 16th, 2015 cancellation is one week prior to conference. All requests for refunds must be made in writing and ARE subject to a $40.00 handling fee.

For questions, please email: 
Diane Hutton, District 1 President:
Dustin Ward, District 1 Rep:
Marilyn Lewis Thompson, Secretary/Treasurer:



Friday, October 23, 2015

1600-1700          Welcome and announcements plus evening meal

1700-1750          1st session: Dr. William Smith

1800-1850          2nd session: Jason Lee

1900-1950          3rd session: Charles Stanley

2000-2050        4th session: Tara Lawson 

2100                   Conclusion, see you tomorrow!


Saturday, October 24, 2015

0700-0800      Welcome and breakfast

0800-0850       1st session: Pam Fulmer 

0900-0950       2nd session: Pam Fulmer

0950-1015         Morning Break

1015-1105           3rd session: Steve Hale

1110-1205           4th session: Chris McElroy

1205-1300          Lunch    

1300-1350          5th session: Dr. William Smith

1400-1450          6th session: Toni Caldwell

1500-1550          7th session: Dustin Ward

1600-1650          8th session: Kelley McDonald


Click HERE to download a copy of the registration form.