Missouri Society of Radiologic Technologists



First, second, third place, and honorable mention awards will be offered in both student and technologist categories.  Awards will be made at the discretion of the judges.


  1. Technologist category:  Only active or graduate bridge members of the Missouri Society of Radiologic Technologists (MSRT) are eligible to compete.  Student members may be designated as co-exhibitors if they have made a significant but secondary contribution to the work.  Your category should directly correlate with your membership status.  If you hold any sort of imaging/therapy credential(s) you are considered a technologist, even if you are still in school for another modality or advanced degree.
  2. Student technologist category:  Only student members of the MSRT are eligible to compete.  The paper must be the sole work of the student member(s). Membership will be verified before application will be accepted.  Your category should directly correlate with your membership status.
  3. Displays which have previously been displayed at any other state and/or national radiological or technologist meeting will not be considered for an award.  However, they may be displayed on a non-competitive basis.
  4. Displays must be an original presentation of the exhibitor(s).
    • Evidence of plagiarism will constitute immediate disqualification.
    • Copyrighted images and/or copies of images from books, journals, websites, etc. must be referenced using an established referencing criteria, such as but not limited to, APA, MLA, etc.  Lack of references will result in disqualification.
    • References must be included on the image, a separate sheet of paper, a portion of the display, or on the reverse of the display.
    • Names of the exhibitor or place of employment/school or any other method of personal identification should not be visible on any part of the display. 
  5. The president of the MSRT, the display chairman, and the judges are not eligible to compete.
  6. Material contributions by secondary sources, for purposes of a display, must be so noted.
  7. Only one display entry per contestant.


  1. Subject Matter
    • Subject matter will be chosen by the contestant
    • The subject matter must be pertinent to the science and/or practice of radiologic technology.  For this purpose the term radiologic technology shall include all those modalities employed in the field of radiology for the diagnosis and/or treatment of disease.
    • Subject matter should be of educational and/or practical value to other technologists.
    • Subject matter should be professional, free of sexual innuendo and offensive material.  Any submission of a profane or offensive nature will be removed from the display area.
  2. B.  Mechanics
    • All applications for displays must be completed using the electronic form provided on the MSRT website (www.mosrt.org) no later than midnight (11:59pm) on the date of the deadline listed below.  Applications submitted after the deadline will be disqualified.
    • All applicants must be a current member of the MSRT.  Membership status will be verified by the membership Chairman upon receipt before the application is  accepted by the display Chairman.
    • The title submitted in the email must appear on the display WORD FOR WORD.  If not, the display will be disqualified from the competition.
    • The MSRT will provide exhibit space for each display.
    • Displays submitted for competition must not show any images or any markings on either side which could identify the contestant, patients, or institution in any way. 
    • Exhibit space will be assigned by the display chairman.  A card displaying the name of the contestant and place of employment or training will be added to the display after judging is complete.
    • No view boxes or any type of illuminator will be allowed in the display area.  Available room light only may be used in the display.  Electrical devices are prohibited.
    • Displays must be set up and taken down according to the rules for the conference.  Displays must be set up by 8:00 pm on the first day of registration.  Displays must remain on display until two (2) hours after the announcement of the winners.  Displays must be down and removed from the display area by 5:00 pm the day following the award of ribbons.  The display chairman may grant exceptions to this rule under unusual circumstances, such as emergencies.
    • Exhibits are limited in size to 72" long and 18" deep and must be free standing.


  1. Three judges will be selected by the display chairman, with the approval of the president of the MSRT.
  2. Any disqualifications from competition will be determined at the discretion of the display chair.
  3. All protests regarding eligibility and/or rule violations must be lodged with the display chairman in writing, to be reviewed by the MSRT President.  No protests will be heard after judging is complete
  4. All judges decisions are final
  5. Awards shall be made only to those displays receiving a minimum score of seventy-five (75) on a scale of one hundred (100) points from the average of the judges’ scores.
  6. Awards shall be announced to the membership during the Annual Conference, and prizes awarded at the discretion of the Board of Directors.
  7. Prize amounts will be decided on a yearly basis by the MSRT Board of Directors.



EDUCATIONAL VALUE                  (POINT VALUE: 0 – 40) 

  1. Contribution to higher standards.
  2. Illustration of new or unusual technology or practice.
  3. Treatment of current technology or practice so as to be better understood. 
  4. Treatment of current technology or practice from a historical perspective. 
  5. Value to technologist with little experience or limited facilities.
  6. Proper formatting and references are used.


  1. Development of a new technique or idea.
  2. Improvement of existing methods or practices. 
  3. Evidence of original investigative effort.
  4. Originality of display concept.


  1. Can information be used by most technologists to whom the display applies? 
  2. Ease of application under current state-of-the-art.
  3. Will the display concept improve practice or standards as it is applied?


  1. Organization:  Is material orderly and place in logical sequence?
  2. Visual Material:  Do visual materials effectively promote understanding of the display?
  3. Text:  Is the text neat, clear, easy to read and free from error?
  4. Esthetic appeal: Overall appearance and neatness of models, illustrations and graphics.


All display applications must be submitted no later than midnight (11:59pm) on January 31st *.  Applications after this date will be disqualified. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE!


By submitting a display, applicant attests that all information is true and accurate and that aforementioned eligibility, rules, and criteria have been satisfactorily met.


Please fill out the exhibit application form by:

January 31st  (11:59pm)  at:   www.mosrt.org

* Submitting well in advance of the January 31st deadline will ensure that if there is a problem with submission, ample time will be available to remedy the situation.  Submitting at the last minute may put you at risk for disqualification.

Questions?  Contact:  display@mosrt.org  If you do not get a reply back within at least 2-3 days please contact the Webmaster.


Click HERE for a downloadable copy of the Scientific Exhibit/Display Rules.

The Scientific Exhibit/Display Application will be posted here in the fall in 2017.